Do you think you could go one day a week for three months without digital technology?

61% of us check our phone within 5 minutes of waking up

90% of students experience phantom vibration (imaginary notifications) on a regular basis

In 2015 the average person on netflix watched over  24 days of video

The problem is growing... fast.


Internet addiction rehab centers have been opened in South Korea


Internet users since January 2016 (a 10% increase)


Active mobile social users since January 2016 (a 30% increase)

“Digital addiction is going to be one of the great mental health crises of our time.”

Sam Altman, President @ Y Combinator

What's the cause?

Always Available
We are pressured to respond promptly and always be accessible.

Media is Bottomless
Digital media is built to keep your brain entertained and wanting more, it’s addictive by design.

We’ve developed a desire to be always entertained, we’ve lost the ability to be bored and simply let our minds wander.

Rather than deal with our problems, our fears, and hurts, we suppress it all and numb ourselves in an alternate reality.

Why are you here? What is our purpose? We seek meaning in our technology, in our gaming, in our movies, in our avatars - all the while in our depths truth rests not in any of these means.

Sab·bath (noun) - abstinence from work, a time of rest

We’re using the term sabbath because it’s a beautiful term that means abstinence from work - in our digital age, this has become increasingly neglected and its power misunderstood.

Sabbath is a biblical term, appearing throughout the Bible. Even God rested, and he tells us to rest... he tells us to rest by going to him.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."
Matthew 11:28

Rest is powerful.

The Challenge

Go without digital technology one day a week for three months

How It Works

Legal List
No cell phone, computer, laptop, gaming, television, tablet

Find a Replacement
Rest. Read. Go outside. Talk. Create. Meditate - write a list of things that help you actually rest.
A rabbi once said, “those who work with their minds should sabbath with their hands and those who work with their hands should sabbath with their minds.”

Encourage One Another
Do it with a friend, chat about it! share about your experience on social media. #digitalsabbath
(after your sabbath, of course)

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