The Story and the team

"I realized I was looking at what some random person said on Twitter before saying good morning to my wife."

~ James Kelly, FaithTech CEO and Digital Sabbath Founder

The Digital Sabbath started in 2016 when James Kelly, founder of FaithTech, realized how much time he was spending on his phone and other digital technology. Inspired by the Sabbath in the Bible, where God takes a day of rest after creating the world in 6 days, James started by taking one day off from all digital technology each week and called it a "Digital Sabbath". FaithTech then created a website for The Digital Sabbath to spread the word and invite anyone who wanted to join him. The team at FaithTech also built an email system that sent reminder emails the day before your set Digital Sabbath.

Since then, the Digital Sabbath was cited in the New York Times, and thousands of people have taken a Digital Sabbath and found rest, peace, and as one person put it, "it felt like I was walking into fresh water". Recently, the new Digital Sabbath Team (from FaithTech Waterloo) has improved the website and reminder email system, and is looking into how to make The Digital Sabbath even better. Read a little more about the team here!

Abbie is a lifelong Christian and a Product Designer who’s passionate about user-centred design and new technology. She is the Design Lead at FaithTech and always gets excited when she can bring her passions for faith and technology together. :)
Nandwe, a developer, has always been intrigued by the experiences and information that technology offers the world. She joined Digital Sabbath because she wanted to help encourage an exploration of our relationship with technology and God. She hopes that the project helps people find rest and discover new things about themselves.
Currently at the University of Waterloo studying Systems Design Engineering, Jayden is passionate about blending his design and development skills to help others. As a result, joining the Digital Sabbath team was the perfect fit! Despite being a digital native, he hopes to approach technology with an intentionality that puts God first in his lifestyle. :)
Emily's first introduction to the online world was through dial-up Internet. She became interested in the Digital Sabbath project because the struggle with screen time in her faith, work, family and life is very real. Emily enjoys hearing people's stories and helping bring people together through technology.
Lukas chose to follow Jesus as a teen and is so thankful to have experienced God's healing power. His desire is to share with others how to receive God's free offer of eternal life through projects just like Digital Sabbath! Lukas is terribly into web development and has spent far too many late nights coding up a storm.